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The city of Baltimore is just chock full of incredible places that you can stop and visit with your group, whether you are a school group, church group or other kind of social gathering. Allow us to help you get involved in the bus charter Baltimore excursion that you and your group longs for. Once you embark on your adventure, you are sure to find that there will be a number of places in the city that will keep you wanting to come back for more travels. Baltimore is well known for its neighborhoods get a quick overview of the waterfront which has preserved the flavor of a seafaring neighborhood.

Your first stop in Baltimore can be at The Baltimore Arena, perhaps one of the largest indoor sports & entertainment facility in Baltimore. The arena seats 14,000 people and it offers each of those people entertaining events year-round. Second stop can be at The Baltimore Zoo, recognized as the third oldest zoological park in the nation, and offers the family a fun-filled time. The Baltimore Zoo has over 2,250 animals in residence. While you are exploring and learning take a trip to the Maryland Science Center located at the end of Inner Harbor, provides visitors with an interactive voyage into science. A must see, the museum has an extensive array of displays and exhibits. All three floors present hands-on exhibits.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor serves as the city’s centerpiece. A successful example of urban revitalization, what was once a decaying industrial waterfront has been transformed into a thriving area offering many attractions. More than 200 eateries and shops fill the two glass-enclosed pavilions of Harbor place. For a different look at Baltimore you can visit The Baltimore Civil War Museum is dedicated to commemorating the history of the Civil War. The museum presents the war from an interesting perspective – the Maryland perspective on the Civil War. In particular the museum highlights the town of Baltimore’s role in the war. Then you can visit Standing near the Patapsco River, there are few structures that contain as much history or are as well known as Fort McHenry Monument.

Each bus charter in our fleet is designed to not only be safe but also very comfortable. Seats are standard upholstered in soft fabrics and other buses have soft, leather upholstery. On board entertainment, besides your fellow passengers can be CD’s and DVDs. There’s no downside to choosing the services of a bus charter. Baltimore is just one of thousands of destinations we can get your group to, call us today and speak to one of our trained representatives. They will be able to answer all of your questions about booking today.

To find out more information about where is the best place to eat, stay, explore and learn more about, stay tuned for ideas from our travel-bug-bitten writers and bloggers!

May 21, 2013 – Welcome to the World of Art in Baltimore

While many people assume that appreciating the work of art is just for the rich and wealthy, this is not the case when you visit The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. If you find this statement too difficult or hard to believe, then you should really make a trip there to see for yourself. Perhaps, to save you the trouble of driving, you can consider a bus charter service – this way, you can bring along some friends and family members for the trip too.

One of the purpose and mission of The Walters Art Museum is to create an environment and a place where people of every background can be exposed and touched by art. In fact, back in 1931, the museum’s founding benefactor, Henry Walters, bequeathed the core collection to the City of Baltimore “for the benefit of the public.” This truly speaks of the core value of The Walters Art Museum in bringing art and people together for enjoyment, learning and discovering the beauty of art.

From time to time, The Walters Art Museum have different types of exhibitions and while you are there, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to talk with their conservators during the viewing time and get some “behind the scenes” happenings on the conservation work in the museum. From a local’s point of view, The Walters Art Museum has always been a great place to visit as you will find many authentic exhibits from the time of the Egyptians, Old England and many beautiful paintings too.

As you take your leisurely walk through the galleries at The Walters Art Museum, you will certainly be awestruck with the extraordinary beauty and the range of its collection. Even more remarkable is the fact that the collection was born because of the artistic interest and public-mindedness of two men – William Thompson Walters and his son, Henry. It began in the 19th and early 20th centuries that these two men from Baltimore started a collection of a diverse range of artwork from all over the world. It included everything from European master paintings and decorative arts to Greek and Roman antiquities and also Far Eastern ceramics.

If you are one who loves beautiful art pieces, this trip will leave you in awe and you will definitely wish to return to visit again – and with the service of chartered bus, why not?

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